The Vic Matrix Set 

When Stanley A Meyr Installed the Voltag intnsfirier Circuit into his vehicle, he had several controls in it , this was th most advancd veersion  Stan had oveer 12 verrsion of the VIC voltage inteensifierrr Circuit  this onee was the final and most complex, In 1994 to 1996. 


Since than alot of the Ems Ecu EGR and Valve , pedal contols are now standard on vehicles.

and common place. 

So we pull out the Vic Matix just the Water fuel Making part and show it here. 

Stanley A Meyer Vic Circuit The Matrix


Here is solid state auto cut out relay protection for the

Vic Matrix GMS and Ecu Hydruino

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Vic Matrix Replications 

Built holder for boards from 2 shelf boards as laying them out on table was taking to much room.  Wiring was mostly to route power to each board. I left enough slack in wires so I could pull each board out to check it with a scope. 

I was glad I did as I start to do system tests to see if everything was still working, I found I had moved pot settings and needed to reset them to match setting from my initial testing. 


The scope shots in my test reports were very helpful in doing this.

Hopefully with this setup I can just connect the coils to connection strip on the end and continue testing.  One thing I do not like is the 2n3055 mounted on the leg make that whole leg to be at +12 DC. 


I need to do something about that.  I am still working though checking things, but I did find another issue I though I would report.  I started on the analog side and was working my way though resetting the pots and I am getting the results

Pictures below.  Front and back of finished boards mounted power comes in on left through a 12-volt connecter and there 2 LM317s one for 10v and on for 5v that feed bus bars on back. 


Common ground through out system.  Boards powered from the bus bars.  Bus bar on the right will connect to primary and feedback coils.


Continued testing with check the High frequency side.  Verified boards are working and then checked inputs to both sides of primary coil. 


Channel 1 Yellow is from Cell Driver K4 and Channel 2 Blue is from Voltage Amplitude Control K9 on Analog side.  Both scope probes are hooked up prior to diodes as I wanted to see input to primary coil. 


At this point I am just using a 10-ohm resistor to provide a resistive load. 


The first picture shows this test setup.  As there is are no coils in the system, I have hooked the output of K21 (G) back to what would be the input (H) to the board from resonance sensing pickup coil and Pulse Indicator Circuit K14 (black jumper in picture).

Some Where 1

Some Where 2

Stanley A Meyer Vic Matrix

Some Where 3

Stanley A Meyer Vic Matrix

Some Where 4

Some Where 5

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